Going on a thrilling canoe ride in search for the Black caiman, swinging like a true Tarzan through the forest and witnissing the mystery of the Shamans, the traditional medicine healers of the Jungle, those are only a few of the incredible activities that can be realized in the Ecuadorian Amazon´.




In our offer you will find several lodges in the best regions of the Ecuadorian Amazon; the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, the Yasuni National Park and the lodges around Tena each with an unparalleled biodiversity and a large amount of living plants and animial species. In our offer you will find as well an ever more unique way to explore the Amazon Rainforest; the Amazon River Cruises.




Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve


The Cuyabeno Reserve is located in the Sucumbios province in the northeast of Ecuador and is the second largest protected area of the country. It is a true paradise for nature lovers with a beautiful and unique landscape existing out of several lakes, rivers and flooded forests. Besides that it has the plesent presents of several species of monkeys, pink river dolphins, sloths, anacondas, caimans, tiny colourful frogs, boa constrictos and blue and yellow macaws among others. Making a visit to this area you would also have the great opportunity to learn the customs, traditions and way of life of the largest ethnic group of the reserve; the Sionas Indians.




Yasuni National Park


Right in the hart of the Ecuadorian Rainforest, in the Napo and Pastaza provinces, lies the largest natural reserve of Ecuador; the Yasuni National Park.  Its immense size and variety makes it one of the most biologically diverse regions and one of the richest spots in the world for amphibian, birds and mammals. Among these species are tapirs, several species of monkeys, macaws, parrots, boa constrictos, capibaras, pumas, jaguars, sloths and many more. Visiting this area you will be as well in the territory of the Huaorani indigenous tribes.






The small jungle town Tena is the capital of the Napo Province and is the ideal launcing point for kayaking, rafting and jungle tours. Located only 4 hours from Quito it is the most accessible gate to the beautiful secondary rainforest. This area is famous for its rivers, its many bird species, butterflies, fish, snakes and insects. Also it supports a large population of Quichua Indians. Visiting one of these communities you will have the great opportunity to witness their way of live, to taste and to observe the preparation of Chicha (a local alcoholic drink made by masticating yuca) and to compete in a exciting blowgun competition.





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